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Employee Testimonials

Are you interested in joining a fun, family-oriented company where only the best are selected to become part of our energetic team?

career-inquiry-button_wide“Our people make the difference.” Our much needed insurance products are intangible so what really drives our business is our people. It is no secret! We have some of the most talented people working with us, from the 30 year employees to the newest members of the team.

As we grow, we will add top talent. If you are looking for work/life balance and a career with growth opportunity, let’s connect.

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Megan - Manager, Project Development Department

Fred - Florida Regional Manager


“My PFP experience has been phenomenal! From the moment we stepped into the corridor the smiles and warm welcomes were everywhere. I’ve never seen a company where everyone seems to love their job and is so excellent at what they do. I truly felt that the entire company is committed to my success. The training was extensive and prepared us for the road ahead. Ken and Alex were AWESOME! My ideal job has always been one in which I can make a difference in the lives I serve and that if you find purpose the means will follow. It appears that I have found a home in PFP (People for People) that aligns with my vision. So happy to be here!” – Patrice

“In short, the words that come to mind first are “First Class!” From our first day, when we toured the facility and met the staff I was certain that I had made a good decision. My classmates and I agree this is the company that we want to retire from.” – Russ

“I have been thoroughly impressed and pleased with everyone here, from the accommodations to the care and time to give information. I am proud to say I am employed by PFP! I look forward to the future.” – Quendolyn

“Overall it was an immensely positive experience. Between the talks with all the pros, VP’s, trainers, special lunch guests and my classmates, I am coming out of this training a better agent than I ever thought I’d be. Not only did I make a lot of business contacts, but a lot of friends and colleagues that I will feel confident in reaching out to for help, advice, and even just to say “hi.” In fact, my teammate Belinda and I are already trying to set up weekly get togethers to provide a support line for each other including a trip to Kripsy Kreme! I will never forget this experience and would recommend it to anyone who has the will and drive to succeed.” – Georgina

“Initially when I first walked in the greetings from everyone were very friendly and warm. There was a live culture in this place full of humbleness and genuine care for our peers. The interaction with others was very natural and seamless and definitely sets the standard for how a company should be. It is an honor to be a part of this corporation, to be an asset and watch it grow as I grow myself.” – Dailer

“Initial greeting – I felt it was an excellent welcome, loved how it made me feel. Interactions – it was great, very nice coworkers, we were all very excited to be at PFP’s headquarters. I felt it was an overall excellent experience, I felt appreciated and welcomed. I loved the fact that people have tenured within the organization. I am very excited about what PFP is planning for our future as a sales organization. I see myself as being very successful doing a sales rep job at PFP.” – Alejandra

“OMG, where do I begin? I am 100% in love with PFP, from day one I felt so welcomed here. We received a warm welcome on day one of bright, bubbly personalities clapping and excited to meet us. That really set the tone for the rest of the week. I really enjoyed meeting everyone and having lunch with all the influential people in the company. I’ve built a close relationship with my classmates, especially my roomie, we will be friends forever! Jerica is awesome, we love her, she is so supportive and informative, I really want to go out there and make her proud! The culture of this company is amazing, everyone is so enthusiastic about the company even employees who have been here 20+ years. I feel like I am part of a family and thankful to be here.” – Amanda

“I am very impressed by the company culture here at PFP. The amount of work that goes into these trainings and the time spent by each of the employees tells me how much you invest in your new hires and the support I will have as a member of the team. Every single person I’ve met was warm and genuine and I really believe that they believe in me. I’ve enjoyed this experience so much and I thank you for giving me the opportunity to join the family, I’m excited! I have made friends here and learned so much, not just about my job but about myself!” – Angelique

“As I sit here thinking about all the food that I have consumed since being here…wow I bet you didn’t see that coming right? Not just for the belly but the food for my heart. The love that we got from the time we pulled up from the shuttle ride as they were waiting with smiles, was amazing. The five days here were amazing, I got to see how much you care that we become successful. You have sowed in me that I shall produce a harvest, the seeds that Ken and Jerica planted shall grow! Thank you all.” – Zachary

“Amazed! I never experienced anything like I experienced walking through the doors of PFP, it was like going home. I was met with unfamiliar faces that seemed familiar. I felt like my entire family was glad to see me. The people at PFP are rich in culture and in joy. The pride they have for this wonderful company was infectious. The training was stellar and second to none. Putting together this training shows their commitment to my success. I will value my training and the investment you made to my future and I will deliver the success you have trusted to me.” – Belinda

“The atmosphere at PFP is warm and inviting. It was great to meet the many people in the organization that are all working toward a common goal for the protection of our customers and the success of the agents. To have met those who have advanced through the company and hear the many stories of success was good to hear. It is a wonderful feeling to know that from my manager to my PAT trainer, to the higher ups, everyone is dedicated to my success too.” – LaTasha

“PFP was an awakening experience for me and I commend everyone involved in the development and training program. I now have a better understanding on the backbone of their success and I am looking forward to working with this very successful company for years to come. Jerica was amazing in her training and development and I thank everyone who assisted in making my experience memorable!” – Reynaldo

“It fulfilled the promise of uplifting, keeping it simple and really going the extra mile. I feel that the promise of building a connection is secure. I felt this from the first day here from greeting from staff to everyone knowing my name. Such a family oriented culture, glad to be part of the family!” – Karen

“Everyone was upbeat and happy, super nice and outgoing. Everyone I met gave great advice and seemed to really care about our future and success with the company. I enjoy the friendly and family culture, it makes going to work fun.” – Alexander

“My experience at PFP has been the most amazing experience while training. My initial greeting was the most shocking yet the warmest welcome that I have ever felt. Upon entering the building for the first time we were greeted with smiles, applause and each of us were greeted by our full names and it was such a shock that all these people that I was meeting for the first time already knew who I was before I even came. Each and every interaction with my colleagues have definitely showed me that this company really values each and every one of its employees and that here at PFP we are not just a number! I am over joyed to be a part of this organization!” – Dominique