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What makes The Family Security Plan® unique?

The Family Security Plan® offers customizable products to meet the financial needs of credit union members and their families. The program fills the gap in group insurance and PFP provides a flexible and efficient enrollment process. The credit union member receives quality products with competitive pricing as well as renowned customer service. The Family Security Plan® has protected over hundreds of thousands of credit union members over the years, and the number of families protected continues to grow. 

Whole Life Insurance covers you for your entire life, not just for a specific period of time such as term lifeproducts insurance. With whole life, your premium never changes and the death benefit selected will not decline in later years. Additionally, coverage is available for spouses, dependent children and grandchildren. MORE >>

Disability Income Insurance provides an affordable way to ensure that your income will continue even if you are unable to earn a paycheck due to a disabling injury or illness.  MORE >> 

Critical Illness Insurance features a one-time lump sum cash benefit upon diagnosis of a covered critical illness. It also automatically enrolls you in Best Doctors®, connecting you to the medical information you need, when you need it.  MORE >>

Accident Insurance helps pay for the unexpected expenses that result from accidents, paying benefits beyond what your health insurance plan pays. Like our other products, let it help take care of the bills so your family can take care of each other.  MORE >>

Silver Whole life insurance – Our silver plan is a simplified whole life insurance product to address the final expense needs of our credit union members between the ages of 55 and 75. Provide additional income to your beneficiary and leave a legacy to your children or grandchildren.  MORE >>

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