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Credit Union Referral Program

Strengthen the impact your call center has on the membership experience, and your credit union’s future, in three ways:

  • Interest income through loan referrals
  • Non-Interest Income from reimbursements
  • Morale Boosting through recognition and rewards

The Value Proposition

By creating an effective referral program from inbound calls to your call center, insurance sales and credit union loan leads will be generated to create a new channel of distribution and revenue for the credit union. The aforementioned benefits will become available to a significantly wider spectrum of the credit union’s membership base. Product awareness will be enhanced and revenue generated as the credit union’s call center becomes a significant profit center. 

Projections and Estimates

Results based upon 1,000 inbound calls to the credit union call center each day:

  • 7-8 loan leads/day
  • 5 insurance sales/day
  • $27,300 reimbursement/year
  • Rewards & recognitions to the team

The Warm Transfer

After the member is serviced by your Customer Service Representative, two additional sentences can simply transfer the member to the call center:

“Mr/Mrs. ______, I wanted to let you know that the credit union is running a sweepstakes and review, where you can hear about the benefits offered by the credit union and also be entered into the sweepstakes. Let me transfer you to have your review and sign up, ok?”

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