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Digital / Content Marketing

As credit union membership grows to levels exceeding 100 million members nationwide, it remains essential for credit unions, large Digital Marketing Services for Credit Unionsand small, to develop relationships with partners like PFP. For over 40 years, PFP has been there, focused on the credit union community every step of the way providing support to effectively reach credit union membership.

Whether your credit union’s marketing department consists of one or many, partnering with PFP’s Digital/Content Marketing Team makes strategic sense. By leveraging PFP’s key resources, including Digital/Content strategy and our skilled staff, your membership will benefit. PFP’s dynamic content is professionally designed to generate engagement, with specific calls to action.

There is a true monetary value to digital marketing of product and educational content. Credit union reimbursement derived from additional insurance sales touch the surface of the value added from a partnership. Interest and non-interest income resulting from additional participation with credit union core products and services also adds significantly to the bottom line.

Digital/Content Marketing includes:

  • The Family Security Plan® digital marketing pieces.
  • Credit union products and services digital marketing pieces.
  • Engagement focused newsletter publications.
  • Public interest digital marketing pieces.
  • Facebook posts and Twitter tweets.

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